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Calico Academy offers quality business training for lawyers and law firm leaders in an easy to use, multi-media learning platform, delivered by recognised industry leaders. There is valuable knowlege here for anyone connected with a law firm in the 'free to view' options and paid courses.

  • Access your courses on any device, on the go, in the office, or even in the garden. All the benefits we have come to enjoy about online working over the last 18 months.

  • You will find here quality training at a level that you would expect from a classroom course - but without the inflexiblity, travel hassle, and expenses of course!

  • What's not to like? Business training designed for legal professionals, accessible on demand. A modern flexible approach for today's busy lawyer and senior law firm leaders.

  • To truely seal the win:win for everyone, 3% of all course revenue is donated to an annually nominated charity. If you even needed another reason, you can feel good about your professional development journey.

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